Shane van Gisbergen returns to NASCAR after winning is first race

Supercars champion will race on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course

Shane van Gisbergen made his NASCAR Cup Series debut in the Chicago Street Race on July 3. Remarkably, he drove to the race win for Trackhouse Racing’s Project 91, a part-time machine.

Project 91 is expected to run just three races in 2023. And, they’re third start will come later this season on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as Shane van Gisbergen returns.

Shane van Gisbergen tweeted, “Coming back to NASCAR at Indy with Project91 next month!”

The driver is a three-time Australian V8 Supercars champion.

Justin Marks comments

“SVG running it back at Indy is awesome for Trackhouse,” team co-owner Justin Marks stated.

“But as a racer and a passionate race fan, seeing him with Kostecki, Kobayashi and Button in a NASCAR cup race at Indy is the stuff of dreams. I friggin love this sport and being a fan of it during these times….pinch me. It’s a W for the global industry.”

“NASCAR cup drivers are some of the best I’ve ever seen. We’re so lucky to see them race against some of the best from other disciplines. This is only the start. Auto racing has an amazing future and I’m here for it.”

Why not run more Project 91 races?

“Beyond probably three races, it starts to be a third team,” Marks previously explained.

“It starts to really kind of drain — not drain, but take resources from the 1 and the 99 car, which is what we’re really focused on at Trackhouse, getting both of those cars in the championship, being able to make a championship run.


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