Racing driver tosses speedy dry bucket at car under caution (Video)

Burt Myers vs Chris Fleming at Bowman Gray Stadium

Bowman Gray Stadium is the viral capital of auto racing videos. The 1/4-mile bullring is known for conflicts between drivers. And sometimes, they get fairly creative in the process.

Watch the Bowman Gray video below.

Chris Fleming worked inside of Burt Myers. However, he cooked the corner, missing the bottom.

Fleming rubbed bars with Myers. Myers was sent into the air from the contact. With the front wheels off the ground, Myers went straight into the outside wall.

Myers was able to fire his car. However, he didn’t make it far as he came to a stop on the backstretch and waited for the tow truck.

Myers scattered oil on the track as he attempted to drive away. Myers climbed from his machine and inspected the damage on his car.

As Fleming came by under the yellow, Myers grabbed an entire bucket of speedy dry and tossed it at the No. 16. Fleming drove off with the bucket stuck to his front bumper.

Helmet throwing is rather expensive and far less explosive.

Burt Myers vs Chris Fleming


Bowman Gray Stadium