Cody Ihlen transported following Knoxville Nationals crash

There was a massive crash on the first lap of racing in Saturday’s Knoxville Nationals

Update: The family has issued a statement below

World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series drivers have been racing in Knoxville, Iowa since Thursday. Tonight, the show concludes with a $185,000 payout to the A-Main feature winner.

In the opening seconds of Saturday’s show, there was a major crash. It happened just a few feet beyond the flagstand as they took the green flag in the E-Main .

Cody Ihlen started on the outside front row. Before he entered turn one, he was in the air. The car violently flipped end over end.

Track officials were quick to the scene. Initial reports from the track staff noted the driver was alert and communicating with the medical team.

“Driver was alert and talking and will be taken for further observation,” the World of Outlaws tweeted.

They then cut the cage to extract the driver from the car.

Ihlen was placed in the ambulance during the lengthy red flag. The family climbed into the ambulance and the driver will be further evaluated at a local hospital.

Ihlen Motorsports stated via social media, “Please keep Cody in your thoughts and prayers, he was involved in a scary accident in tonight’s E-Main.”

The car was taken to the barn. The family will return to the track at a later time to retrieve the machine.

Cody Ihlen is from Pipestone, MN.

This post will be updated if more information becomes available.

Medical Update

On Sunday, Kenzy Ihlen shared the following update:

“Thank you for the love & support. Cody was sent to the ER and left with a few minor and manageable things. He is home and resting – and is one hell of a tough cookie!”

“He has the best friends & fans.”

She added, “His first full sentence after waking up was, “I guess I won’t be able to race Jackson Nationals next weekend.” The kid always has the track on his mind!”

Knoxville Nationals Results: August 12, 2023 ($185k – World of Outlaws)


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