Milwaukee Results: August 27, 2023 (ARCA Menards Series)

ARCA race results from the Milwaukee Mile

ARCA Menards Series drivers have unloaded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Mile is set to host the Sprecher 150.

View Milwaukee race results for the ARCA Menards Series below.

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William Sawalich and Jesse Love set the front row. 150 laps of stock car racing are up next…

Race Report

Green flag, they run side by side in turn one. Love gets loose on the inside, Sawalich leads off turn two.

Lap 22, the caution is out for debris.

Green, Sawalich and Love bang doors into turn one. Love drives it deep to the bottom and clears him. Sawalich crosses under him off turn two. Several laps later, Love runs wide into turn three, Sawalich retakes the lead.

Lap 44, Frankie Muniz thinks he has a mechanical issue.

Lap 75, Sawalich leads Love by 1.8 seconds. Love has closed the gap slightly late in this run.

Lap 76, the race break caution is out.

Green, Love slides Sawalich for the lead into turn one. Sawalich crosses under him off turn two. Side by side into turn three, Sawalich clears him via the inside lane off turn four.

Lap 110, Sawalich leads Love by 2.5 seconds.

30 to go

30 to go, caution as Dale Shearer has stalled.

Green, Love slides Swalich once more into turn one. Sawalich can’t cross under him this time, Love leads into turn three.

23 to go, Sawalich fights back on the inside off turn two. Love runs wide into turn three, Sawalich returns to the lead.

14 to go, Ron Vandermeir Jr is in the wall off turn two, caution.

Green, they rub doors into turn one. Love slides Sawalich and he leads off turn two.

7 to go, Conner Jones and Luke Fenhaus rub doors for 4th.

6 to go, Sawalich leans on the rear bumper of Love. Love holds the lead. He gives him another shot into turn three and he forces his way inside.

Sawalich drives it deep to the bottom in turn one and retakes the lead.

William Sawalich wins at the Milwaukee Mile!

Milwaukee Mile Results
August 27, 2023
ARCA Menards Series

Pos | Driver

1. William Sawalich

2. Jesse Love

3. Seam Hingorani

4. Conner Jones

5. Grant Enfinger

6. Luke Fenhaus

7. Andres Perez de Lara

8. Lavar Scott

9. Jake Finch

10. Gus Dean

11. Christian Rose

12. Frankie Muniz

13. Zachary Tinkle

14. Rick Redig Tackman

15. Tim Monroe

16. AJ Moyer

17. Rita Goulet

18. Ron Vandermeir Jr

19. Dale Searer

20. Brad Smith

21. Jon Garrett

22. Dallas Frueh

23. Alex Clubb

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