Alex Bowman says crew chief for Daniel Suarez flipped him off

Alex Bowman and Daniel Suarez crashed during the NASCAR race at Darlington Raceway; Bowman immediately pulled up a memory with his crew chief

On Sunday, the NASCAR Cup Series race in Darlington, South Carolina. Darlington Raceway hosted the opening race of the playoffs.

Watch the Alex Bowman vs Daniel Suarez video below.

With 49 laps to go of 367, Alex Bowman and Daniel Suarez tangled. They were racing for the 8th position.

Bowman rolled the bottom lane into turn three. Suarez went for the top and he had a huge run off turn four.

As they rolled down the front stretch, Suarez closed to the bumper of Bowman. Suarez looked left, Bowman threw a block. Suarez then turned right, Bowman blocked again.

On the second block, Bowman hooked himself into the outside wall. Both Bowman and Suarez spun across the track.

Harrison Burton came into the scene with nowhere to go. He drove right into the left front of Suarez. All three ended their day.

“That got carried away down the front straightaway,” Dale Earnhardt Jr commented.

“I get the first block. The second block’s ridiculous. That’s just not good,” Jeff Burton added.

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Daniel Suarez comments

“I had a run on him. I went to the inside and after that, he blocked me, very low,” Daniel Suarez told NBC Sports.

“Had to lift a little bit, not to wreck him and put him the inside wall. With all our Chevy partners, I didn’t want to do that to him.”

“Then, I went high and he blocked me again. He has to use his brain a little bit more. We’ve been racing here for 3 hours and a half, 40 laps to go, it’s a little bit dumb.”

“He just had to be smarter. It’s a shame. All we have to show is a wrecked racecar.”

“You can block once and it’s ok, Daniel Suarez told Noah Lewis.

“I could easily pull him into the inside wall. And I did not do that because I’m not like that.”

“But, when I went to his outside, he blocked me again. I wasn’t going to lift the second time. I can give him a break once, I won’t give him a break twice.”

“Its not right. He has to be smarter. He’s smarter than that.”

“He has 5 minutes of being a dummy and he used that again tonight. I’m a little bit too heated, I hope I don’t see him in the next 15-20 minutes.

Bowman and Suarez have a bit of a history. Earlier this season, Suarez spun out Bowman after the checkered flag at COTA. That action resulted in a fine from NASCAR to Suarez.

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Alex Bowman comments

“Obviously, it didn’t work. So, he chose not to lift and to crash us,” Alex Bowman told NBC Sports after exiting the care center.

“Every time I race the No. 99, he does something dumb. So, whether it’s his crew chief flipping me off at the airport or anytime I’m around him, he blocks me really aggressively.”

The crew chief for the No. 99 is Travis Mack.

“That’s just part of it sometimes. Obviously, the block didn’t work out. And looking back, I shouldn’t have done it.”

“He wants to call me dumb. Every time I’m around him, there’s a big block. That’s just part of racing sometimes.”

Later, Bowman stated via social media, “Bad block. My fault. Got blocked all night and decided enough was enough. Unfortunately I didn’t realize the 99 got outside and that got us crashed. We were fast. See y’all in Kansas.”

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Dale Jarrett comments

Dale Jarrett is the 1999 NASCAR Cup Series champion. He has something to say on the incident…

“If you know that there’s someone you have a difficult time racing against, then you shouldn’t keep doing the same things to put yourself in that position,” Dale Jarrett commented.

“The other side of it is, these guys are a little too sensitive. They’re worried about somebody flipping them off at the airport. They would have never made it in the 80’s and 90’s.”

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Update: Travis Mack responds to the comments from Bowman

Since the comment from Bowman, the No. 99 crew chief Travis Mack has responded…

“I don’t think I’ve ever flipped someone off. Haha. This has me LOL from the messages I’m receiving. I Better make a T shirt before Alex does,” Travis Mack wrote via social media.

“I’d like to know when I flipped him off. Ha. Guess he can see into the future. OTW to the (airplane emoji) someone check him for a concussion.”

The tweet above was later edited. He removed, “someone check him for a concussion.”

On Monday, he added, “Been chatting with Alex Bowman Maybe we will get some T shirts made for charity.”

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