Brandon Sheppard signed to drive Longhorn Chassis house car

Sheppard Riggs Racing signs milt-year agreement with Longhorn Chassis

Longhorn Chassis has singed a multi-year agreement with Sheppard Riggs Racing and Co-Owner/Driver Brandon Sheppard. Sheppard is set to become the driver of the Lognhorn house car.

Hear from Brandon Sheppard below.

Sheppard’s B5 will be based out of Longhorn’s China Grove, NC. The team will split operations between the NC shop as well as the shop in Illinois.

Sheppard previously drove the housecar for Rocket Chassis. For the 2023 season, Sheppard returned to race full-time for his own team along with a switch to Longhorn.

Tim McCreadie is the current housecar driver for Longhorn. He captured the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series title in 2022 and 2023.

Brandon Sheppard comments

“What I’m most excited about with this Longhorn House Car Program is the leadership and direction this company is headed”, said Sheppard.

“Many folks will say ‘Hey Brandon, I thought the whole purpose of you coming back home was to spend more time with your family? But what they don’t realize, is that Steve Arpin and Paul Leach are some of the best family guys you’ll ever meet.”

“This company’s entire business model is built on surrounding themselves with like-minded employees and partners. They understand that me being balanced at home and splitting time with our race program in North Carolina or in Illinois when it makes sense geographically is good for everyone and I couldn’t be happier to be another solid piece in helping make our cars faster week in and week out not just for our own program, but the entire Longhorn customer base.”

Sheppard is a four time World of Outlaws Late Model Dirt Series champion. He’s the all-time leader with 81 wins in World of Outlaws competition.

Brandon Sheppard in victory lane - East Bay Raceway Park - Lucas Oil Late Models
Brandon Sheppard in victory lane – East Bay Raceway Park – Lucas Oil Late Models (Photo: Mike Ruefer)

Steve Arpin comments

“When we first met Brandon Sheppard late last Fall, we knew immediately that he was someone that aligned with vision of what we wanted this company to grow into in the next decade,” said Arpin.

“That being said, we also knew that he and Scott were transitioning into new roles with the launch of Sheppard Riggs Racing, and the timing just called for us to continue to develop a strong relationship and see where it went.”

“Fortunately for both parties, here we are not even a year later excited to be partnering up together for our House Car Program.”

“While we’re very proud of the history of the company, we took a big leap this year in re-branding to give it to a more modern, new era feel,” Steve Arpin continued.

“The next step in the process was to begin focusing on our efforts and resources with testing and development and that’s where Brandon and SRR come into play. We’re going to be aggressive in our approach to R&D to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition with the next evolution of mechanics and aerodynamics in dirt track racing.”

“Brandon is young, highly decorated, and possesses the drive we need to keep our chassis competitive and at the top of the leaderboard which is something we hope our partners and customers can benefit from as well.”

This weekend, Sheppard will drive Kevin Rumley’s Longhorn Development Car in the World 100 at Eldora Speedway.


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