Martinsville Speedway Results: September 24, 2023 ($32k)

ValleyStar Credit Union 300 results from Martinsville Speedway

Martinsville Speedway is set to drop the green flag on a big late model stock event. The half-mile track in Virginia is set to host the ValleyStar Credit Union 300 with a $32,000 to win payday.

View Martinsville Speedway results below.

Bobby McCarty and Doug Barnes Jr set the front row. 200 laps of short track racing are up next…

Fight at Martinsville Speedway during NASCAR Roots event (Video)

Race Report

Green flag, McCarty clears them off turn two.

Lap 2, Barnes has a look on the inside of McCarty into turn one. McCarty shuts the door. Slow car behind them, caution.

Green, McCarty and Barnes run side by side for the lead. After several laps, Barnes wins the battle via the outside lane!

Lap 27, Ryan Millington comes to a stop, caution.

Green, McCarty drives it deep into turn one on the outside. McCarty returns to the lead. Carson Kvapil gets into the bumper of Barnes in the battle for 2nd.

Lap 37, Mike Looney spins into turn one on his own. Five cars tangle and the caution is back out.

Lap 58, GR Waldrop is around with help from Zach Miracle and the caution is out.

Lap 82, Kres Vandyke slows and the caution is out.

Green, McCarty holds the lead as Kvapil and Barnes rub doors for 2nd. Kvapil wins the battle on the outside and takes 2nd away.

Race break

Lap 100, the race break caution is out. McCarty leads the field to the pit lane but the field is frozen.

Green, McCarty and Kvapil run side by side for the lead into turn one. They rub doors and Kvapil takes the lead off turn two!

Lap 108, Trevor Ward works under McCarty. Ward takes 2nd away. McCarty is stuck on the outside and he drops to 4th.

Lap 134, Chase Burrow slows and heads for the pit lane, no caution.

55 to go

55 to go, McCarty is up in smoke and the caution is out!

Green, Kaden Honeycutt spins and the caution is out.

36 to go, Ward looks under Kvapil in the battle for the lead. Kvapil holds him off.

Green, Kvapil leads as Payton Sellers.

Sellers works under Kvapil off turn four. Trevor Ward looks under both of them, three wide for the lead as they return to turn one. Kvapil is run wide off the corner and falls to 4th.

20 to go, Ward and Sellers remain side by side for the win at the front. Landon Huffman leans in the bumper of Ward but Ward holds his ground.

18 to go, Ward drives it deep to the bottom in turn one, Ward takes the lead away.

11 to go, caution.

Green with 7 to go, Ward and Sellers rub doors at the launch! Landon Huffman shoves Ward into turn one. Ward runs up the track and Huffman leads off turn two.

4 to go, Ward looks inside of Huffman into turn three.

2 to go, they remain side by side for the win.

1 to go, they remain side by side and rub doors as they take the white flag.

They roll into turn three, still side by side. Smoke billows as they lightly rub doors.

Trevor Ward wins the race to the line and takes the win at Martinsville Speedway!

Martinsville Speedway Results
September 23, 2023

Pos | Driver

1. Trevor Ward

2. Landon Huffman

3. Carson Kvapil

4. Peyton Sellers

5. Doug Barnes

6. Mason Diaz

7. Kade Brown

8. Trent Barns

9. Justin Hicks

10. Brendan Queen

11. Kaden Honeycutt

12. Heath Causey

13. Daniel Silvestri

14. Carter Langley

15. Jacob Borst

16. Dexter Canipe

17. Casey Kelley

18. Blake Stallings

19. Matthew Waltz

20. Dillon Harville

21. Jacob Heafner

22. Kyle Dudley

23. Kres Vandyke

24. Thomas Scott

25. Dustin Rumley

26. Ryan Matthews

27. GR Waldrop

28. Karl Budzevski

29. Jared Fryer

30. Connor Hall

31. Sam Yarbrough

32. Dylan Ward

33. Bobby McCarty

34. Chase Burrow

35. Zach Miracle

36. Mike Looney

37. Ryan Millington

38. Matt Cox

39. Riley Gentry

40. Davey Callihan


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