NASCAR reacts to Kyle Busch driving backwards at Texas

Kyle Busch lost a wheel then drove in reverse to get to the pit stall at Texas Motor Speedway

Over the weekend, NASCAR raced at Texas Motor Speedway. Playoff driver Kyle Busch ran into major issues.

Hear from NASCAR below.

In stage one, Kyle Busch went from racing for the lead to dropping quickly through the field. The driver was questioning if he had a loose wheel over the team radio.

Laps later, his worries were confirmed as a lugnut popped off and the wheel went flying. Busch spun at high speed, backed it into the fence and picked up heavy damage.

The driver came to a stop on the apron. Instead of turning around, Busch just put it in reverse and drove 75% of a lap around the apron, in reverse.

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NASCAR reacts to Kyle Busch driving in reverse

“First of us, Kudos to him for being able to do that,” Elton Sawyer stated via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

“I think our fans have learned over the last year and 3/4 with our Next Gen car, once it has flat tires or has damage, sometimes it will get highsided. There’s not really anything wrong with the running gear, it’s just they can’t drive it because the wheels are not touching the ground.”

“Drivers have learned, once I get going, in a direction, I just keep going. The optics of it look a little funny.”

“The way the mirrors are setup and the camera inside the car, I don’t know that could have been possible, 4-5 years ago, just due to the way the mirrors were setup.”

“Kyle just backed all the way around. Looked fine, got back to his pit box. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get repaired under the damaged vehicle policy.”

“But, for a competitive and safety standpoint we didn’t see anything that we need to make any changes on.”

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