Meet the Ford Ranger with Half Million Miles


JONESVILLE, NC – We gets lots of emails from Ford owners who tell us they measure Ford Performance by miles traveled instead of horsepower, and that’s cool with us. To hear how Dennis Childress has rolled up nearly a half million miles (434,000 miles) on his 1998 Ranger 4X4 and has a true half-million now in his sights, keep reading below:

“Check out my 1998 Ford Ranger 4X4. I bought this truck from a family member in March of 1999 and it has been my daily driver since. It has been the most trouble-free vehicle that I have ever owned! It still has its original engine and transmission, and I have never even had the valve covers removed. I have changed oil in it over 80 times (every 5,000 miles with Motorcraft filters & 10w30 Havoline motor oil) and it still gets over 20 mpg on highway.

“My truck has never needed anything other than normal maintenance, and it has never let me down. I would love to have a new one just like it, but because Ford had stopped building the Ranger, I will just keep driving mine until Ford decides to bring back the Ranger pickup. In the meantime, as a loyal Ford owner for more than 40 years I’ll just keep driving my Ranger as it heads toward 500,000 miles!”



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