New dirt sanction/series in the works?

Something interesting is going on in Ohio dirt racing scene

Brian Gray is on a mission to make dirt modified racing more affordable for the common racer. He’s purchased a cheap $70 tire from China with the hopes of bringing it to the states.

“A series, a sanction? I don’t know. This is all in the early stages of deciding what we might want to do,” Brian Gray stated via the video below.

“I wanted to get the tire thing going. I know a lot of people were interested in cutting the cost of the tires. I think that the tire will totally solve a lot of engine issues, as far as costs with that. Because you wont need as much horsepower,” Gray explains.

It’s a hard tire. Brian’s idea is the same of most. A harder tire and cheaper tire will bring down the costs of more than just the tire budget. A harder tire cuts the engine costs as well. If they tire can’t put the big motor power to the ground, the big engine isn’t needed

This tire is unbranded. However, it’s already in use in other racing series. It’s used by Southwest speed at Brian Gray states, “a sanction in Aussie land and in South Africa.”

This is more about us, as racers coming together as a group of guys.

-Brian Gray

“This is not really about the tire itself. This is more about us, as racers coming together as a group of guys. Having a voice that we can take to the race track and say, ‘Look, we have to do something’ Something has to change. We can’t just keep going on business as usual.”

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“It’s going to work out great for all the top 1-2% of guys that are out there racing. The guys that honestly aren’t even paying for the equipment that they got. I just want to try to bring everybody together. I’m very open to everybody’s opinion.”

Gray is currently working on setting up a meeting with the racers. That meeting has yet to be announced. A date will be announced shortly with the location likely being in Cincinnati, OH.

Below is the message that announced his plan:

Brian Gray Army
Brian Gray Army

Brian Gray

“If you haven’t heard by now myself and a few other drivers/teams are moving forward to create a new era for modified racing. We are currently in the early planning stages of a game changing plan to bring our sport back into check,” Brian Gray states via Facebook.

“1st off which will start with a new tire that is nearly half the cost and has proven to provide twice the life and remain competitive. This will help tremendously.”

“But will be met with great pushback. This series or sanction which ever route we decide will completely be dependent on everyone coming together and standing together.”

“In this area alone we have 1 new major facility being constructed and 2 possibly 3 tracks that may reopen. At minimum we have 3 potential racetracks to build Leverage. currently in talks with 1 small finance person and more will follow once they see the show of interest.”

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Brian Gray - 2014 Dirt Late Model
Brian Gray – 2014 Dirt Late Model

“This is solely because we need to make a change if we want grassroots dirt racing to survive. The top 1% have already written us out of their future they have made their voices clear. This is for the rest of us that love racing but hate the greed that has taken us out of the ranks.”

“I’ll have a sample tire at my shop this week and I’ll bring it to the fall 50 at Florence speedway this Saturday For anyone to examine. Please share this post, send a message and help us bring this region together Ill be posting updates as this unfolds and sincerely want everyones “positive” input.”

“I’m fully capable of knowing what I can’t do. Let’s focus on what we can do!”

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Brian Gray dirt modified
Brian Gray dirt modified

Don Adams
Lightning Chassis

Most people will agree that a change is needed. However, it’s extremely hard to point everyone in a mutual direction. Don Adams highlights the difficulties and recalls a time this was tried in the past.

“Southwest has had those tires for years,” the owner of Lightning Chassis responds to the semi-viral posting.

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It is hard to get tracks to change when the big tire company is paying them 8 or 10 thousand a year to run exclusively their tire.

-Don Adams

“I have never known where they were running them at. Something needs to be done to make mods affordable again. It is hard to get tracks to change when the big tire company is paying them 8 or 10 thousand a year to run exclusively their tire.”

“Like Dave Hammond said, ‘Don’t let them groove or sipe, or we will have to buy a $8000 siping machine.’ ”

“One thing for sure is, we have way too many tires to choose from in my area. M30, M60, Hard Hoosier, Medium,Hard,Extra Hard and AR500 American Racer, A40, H40, A40s, ridiculous. Some are a huge advantage over others at certain tracks, so you need to keep some of all of them.”

“A tire not made in the USA wont fly in some areas. AMRA tried it with the Goodyear made in Brazil. The racers boycotted them and forced them to get rid of it. That was in around 2000.”

Brian Gray Video Announcement


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