14 car pile up in the IMCA Sport Compact division at Eagle Raceway (Video)

10 cars out of the race on lap 1

15 miles outside of Lincoln, Nebraska sits a 1/3-mile dirt oval. The Poker Face Chase event brought a full field of IMCA 4 bangers to the Eagle Raceway.

Joseph Baker and Adam Reifler started on the front row on June 16th. He fell to 2nd off turn 2.

It all went wrong into turn 3. Reifler blew a motor right at corner entry.

With oil spread all over the track, 3rd on back went to the skating rink. One by one nearly every car slid up the banking and into the wall. The cars piled into and on top of each other as they fought for space to crash against the outside wall.

Most of the fans weren’t happy to see the incident. Though, there was still a few people that stood, cheered and clapped rapidly at the sight of the massive crash.

*Next time, toss your beer at these people. They aren’t race fans. They’ll learn that you don’t cheer when you’re not even sure if everyone is ok.*

As the yellow flag dropped, only 2 cars drove by the incident, each of those entered turn 3 on the extreme low side of the track. A third car missed the incident completely simply by running ahead of it, P1.

In total, 10 cars exited the race without the competition of a single lap. They exited the race completing zero laps as lap 1 was restarted.

As the field went back green, Justin Callender in the 13BS car took home the win in the IMCA Sport Compact class following the 18 lap feature race. Tim Horsham ran 2nd.

Eagle Raceway Sport Compact Crash


Eagle Raceway