Once removed, Bubba Wallace has rejoined Hamlin’s Hoop Group

Bubba Wallace was removed from Hamlin’s basketball league following an on and off-track confrontation; He’s now back in The Hoop Group

Denny Hamlin has a basketball league that features many NASCAR drivers and crew member on a weekly basis in North Carolina. The court sits inside Denny Hamlin’s NC home.

On February 18th, Bubba Wallace made his official full-time debut with Richard Petty Motorsports. In the Daytona 500, he found himself banging fenders with Denny Hamlin coming to the line. The contact cut down the right front tire of the #11 which sent Hamlin up the banking. Hamlin ran Wallace all the way to the outside wall as a result.

After the race, Bubba Wallace stated, “He probably needs to take some adderall on that one.”

Hamlin made a jokes about NASCAR drivers taking adderall via a sports comedy show in the weeks leading up to the event. Those comments weren’t well perceived by other NASCAR drivers like Kevin Harvick. Wallace stating that after the race only added fuel to the fire as it led to additional adderall questions for Denny Hamlin in the media center.

Directly after leaving the Daytona media center, Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin bumped into each other. This time it wasn’t through a microphone.or from behind the wheel of a race car. It led to some hot tempers.

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The next week at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Bubba Wallace was removed from the ‘Hoop Group’. Hamlin commented, “That position has been filled.”

Denny Hamlin's basketball court
Denny Hamlin’s basketball court


On July 16, Bubba Wallace tweeted about the Hoop Group. He posted a photo of the new logo for the group. It’s a logo that Wallace says he created.

A fan asked Bubba if he was back in the basketball league. “I mean I did have the logo created,” Wallace responded.

So, I guess that means Bubba Wallace has rejoined the band…

Is he back in the group?

“I notice he lost his hat. So, it’s in our lost and found. So, he’ll have to come back and get it,” Denny Hamlin stated from the New Hampshire Motor Speedway media center last weekend.

“I actually tweeted a picture of it. But, the tweet didn’t go through. That was a shame.”

“But, yeah. He’s left his hat. So, there’s evidence of him being there.”

Denny Hamlin has since resent that photo. Proof positive that they have ended their feud and all is well again…


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