Iowa Truck Race Results: June 16, 2019

NASCAR Truck Series results from Iowa Speedway

Today, the NASCAR Truck Series makes a rare Sunday afternoon appearance. Iowa Speedway is set for the NGOTS event.

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2019 Iowa Menu: NGOTS
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Chandler Smith and Matt Crafton set the front row. 200-laps of truck racing is up next…

Iowa Truck Race
Stage 1

Laps: 60

Green flag, Smith is clear into turn turn run. They run three wide behind him.

Lap 16, Juan Ma Gonzalez has a flat right front. No caution, the leader is out front by 4 seconds.

Lap 51, Gonzalez has another flat tire and this time, he’s caught the outside wall. The caution is out.

Kyle Busch Motorsports is having trouble communicating with their driver. The field is set to head for the pit lane.

A crew member climbs into the cockpit of Chandler Smith. They’re swapping radios. Crafton is the first car off the pit lane.

Green, Enfinger gets a huge shove from Rhodes on the inside lane. Rhodes looks to the inside, Enfinger comes down to block, he wiggles from rear bumper contact into turn one.

Johnny Sauter is looking to lane three. They run three wide off turn two. They remain three wide into turn three, Sauter noses ahead on the top off turn four but he gets loose. Crafton cuts to the bottom in turn one.

Final lap, Sauter crosses under him into turn three, he noses ahead. As they fight it out, Ross Chastain has a run around the top. They run three wide to the line.

Ross Chastain wins stage 1!

Iowa Truck Race – Stage 1 Results: 1. Ross Chastain; 2. Matt Crafton; 3. Grant Enfinger; 4. Johnny Sauter; 5. Ben Rhodes; 6. Sheldon Creed; 7. Brett Moffitt; 8. Austin Hill; 9. Harrison Burton; 10. Jesse Little;

Iowa Truck Race
Stage 2

Laps: 60

Green flag on stage two, with a push from Rhodes, Ross Chastain leads off turn two. Chandler Smith has climbed back inside the top 10.

Lap 90, Chandler Smith has cracked the top five after radio issues at the end of stage 1. Ross Chastain leads Rhodes by 2 seconds.

Ross Chastain cruises to the win in stage two!

Iowa Truck Race – Stage 2 Results: 1. Ross Chastain; 2. Ben Rhodes; 3. Brett Moffitt; 4. Grant Enfinger; 5. Chandler Smith; 6. Harrison Burton; 7. Stewart Friesen; 8. Matt Crafton; 9. Austin Hill; 10. Sheldon Creed;

Iowa Truck Race
Stage 3

Laps: 80

The field heads to the pit lane. Chastain is first in and first off.

Penalty: Chandler Smith has been caught speeding on the pit lane. He’ll restart at the tail of the field once again.

Green flag on stage three, Ben Rhodes cuts to the inside putting Moffitt in the middle as they run three wide for the lead into turn one. Chastain carries the momentum off the top and clear off turn two.

Austin Hill and Johnny Sauter at Iowa Speedway - NASCAR Truck Series
Austin Hill and Johnny Sauter at Iowa Speedway – NASCAR Truck Series

Johnny Sauter vs Austin Hill

Lap 137, Johnny Sauter moves Austin Hill to take the 7th position. Hill drives it deep into turn three, tags him in the left rear and turns him around. The caution is out.

Johnny Sauter is waiting on the apron. As Austin Hill passes, Sauter lines him up on caution, he spins him around and puts him in the wall under caution.

Sauter has been parked by NASCAR and called to the hauler. Austin Hill heads to the pit lane to fix moderate damage. Hill is looking forward to seeing Sauter after the race.

Watch the Johnny Sauter vs Austin Hill crash video here.

Green flag, Moffitt noses ahead as he drives deep to the bottom in turn one. He slides up the banking but he’s not clear. Chastain hangs on his right rear and he’s clear off turn two.

Lap 170, Brett Moffitt has climbed back to the rear bumper of the race leader.

8 to go, Chastain leads Moffitt by 1 second.

Ross Chastain takes the win at Iowa Speedway!

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Iowa Speedway Results
NASCAR Truck Series
June 16, 2019

Pos | Driver

1. Ross Chastain
2. Brett Moffitt
3. Ben Rhodes
4. Harrison Burton
5. Grant Enfinger
6. Stewart Friesen
7. Sheldon Creed
8. Matt Crafton
9. Chandler Smith
10. Raphael Lessard
11. Todd Gilliland
12. Brennan Poole
13. Austin Hill
14. Kyle Benjamin
15. Austin Wayne Self
16. Riley Herbst
17. Spencer Boyd
18. Natalie Decker
19. Jordan Anderson
20. Tyler Dippel
21. Gus Dean
22. Mason Massey
23. Jesse Little
24. CJ McLaughlin
25. Norm Benning
26. Jennifer Jo Cobb
27. Tyler Hill
28. Johnny Sauter
29. Chad Finley
30. Trey Hutchens III
31. Juan Ma Gonzalez
32. Tyler Ankrum


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