Talladega Race Results: April 24, 2021 (ARCA Menards Series)

ARCA results from Talladega Superspeedway

Today, the ARCA Menards Series is set for the green flag in Talladega, Alabama. Talladega Superspeedway is set for the General Tire 200.

View 2021 Talladega race results for the ARCA Racing Series below.

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Ty Gibbs and Bret Holmes line up on the front row. 76 laps of superspeedway racing are up next…

Race – Report

Green, they run side by side into turn one. Gibbs is clear off turn two with Holmes on his bumper.

Lap 4, Gracie Trotter has a tire rub after Pompa was hooked into the side of her. She heads to the pits, no caution.

Holmes pulls out of line off turn two. He drives to the race lead. Corey Heim has a run on Holmes, he drives to the lead off turn four. Cory Heim leads.

Lap 10, Homes looks to the outside off turn two. Holmes returns to the lead.

Competition caution

Lap 11, the competition caution is out.

Green, Holmes and Heim run side by side into turn one. Heim has no help on the outside lane, Holmes to the lead.

Lap 24, Drew Dollar has a run on the outside. He’s clear of Dollar and he pulls Heim with him.

Competition caution

Lap 41, the second competition caution is out.

Green, Dollar gets the jump on the outside. He drops to the bottom and holds the lead off turn two.

26 to go, Ty Gibbs looks inside of Dollar off turn two. They make contact, Dollar gets sideways and Gibbs pulss even on the inside. Heim looks to the outside as they run three wide into turn three! Ty Gibbs pops out with the race lead.

25 to go, Dollar has a run on Gibbs into turn three. Gibbs pulls up to side draft in the middle of the corner and Gibbs holds the lead.

17 to go, the leaders dice through lap traffic! They split the lap car. Lancaster pops out with the lead.

16 to go, Van Alst gets turned off the front bumper of Nick Sanchez at the start finish line. He slides across the track and collects Ty Gibbs. Multiple others are collected and the red flag is out.

–7 to go–

Green flag, Holmes leads Sanchez off turn two.

5 to go, Dollar and Lancaster make contact off turn two. Lancaster slams the outside wall and the car catches fire. The red flag is back out!

Derrick Lancaster is being placed on a stretcher. He climbed from the car but inhaled a lot of smoke after the heavy impact with the wall.

–1 to go–

We’re set to the final restart. Drivers will get the green and white flag together.

Green, Holmes gets the jump on Sanchez and he leads into turn one. Holmes gets too far out front.

Heim and Sanchez have a run on him off turn two. They split him! Heim holds the lead into turn three.

Sanchez has a push off turn four and he’s closing fast. He pusher drops off his bumper and he loses momentum.

Corey Heim wins at Talladega Superspeedway!

Talladega SuperSpeedway
Race Results
April 24, 2021
ARCA Menards Series

Pos | Driver

1. Corey Heim
2. Dave Mader III
3. Nick Sanchez
4. Drew Dollar
5. Bret Holmes
6. Thad Moffitt
7. Andy Jankowiak
8. Kyle Sieg
9. Eric Caudell
10. Scott Melton
11. Jack Wood
12. Toni Breidinger
13. Ed Pompa
14. Ryan Huff
15. Jason Kitzmiller
16. Michael Harper
17. Thomas Praytor
18. Bryan Dauzat
19. DL Wilson
20. Con Nicolopoulos
21. Benny Chastain
22. Gracie Trotter
23. Derrick Lancaster
24. Tim Richmond
25. Richard Garvie
26. Greg Van Alst
27. Ty Gibbs
28. John Ferrier
29. Brad Smith


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