RFK Racing comments after $100,000 NASCAR fine

Roush Fenway Keselowski Racing has issued a statement following the 100 point NASCAR penalty

For 2022, NASCAR has brought a brand new machine to the race track. The Next Gen car is a car with an identical chassis from team to team. However, around 30 parts and pieces are also stock parts that come from a single manufacture and must be installed without modifications.

Hear from RK Racing below.

The cars are as level as ever. Ahead of this season, NASCAR announced a new penalty system to highly discourage teams from breaking the rules with the new car.

After the race, NASCAR concluded an at-track inspection of the race winner and several other cars. However, they then took a handful of machines back to the NASCAR R&D Center for a more detailed random inspection.

Brad Keselowski’s No. 6 car was one of those machines taken back to North Carolina. On Thursday, NASCAR announced a steep penalty to the team.

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Penalty to No. 6 team

Penalty Level: L2

– Crew chief Matt McCall has been fined $100,000. He’s also been suspended for the next four races.

– Docked 100 owner points.

– Docked 100 driver points.

– Docked 10 playoff points.

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Roush Fenway Keselowski statement

After Thursday’s announcement, the team had until Tuesday to file for an appeal. However, they have already done so.

On Friday afternoon, the team issued the following statement:

“In connection to the penalties announced yesterday by NASCAR, we have filed a notice of appeal and look forward to the opportunity to work through the process.”

The appeal will be heard by a three person panel, independent of NASCAR itself.

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