Tulsa Shootout fight brings 4 staples; Mild concussion (Video)

Watch the video of the fight between Nicholas Howard, Matthew Howard and Blake Scott

On Tuesday night, it was day one of the Tulsa Shootout. The event sees Outlaw Karts take to the 1/5-mile indoor dirt track in Tulsa, Oklahoma just days before the Chili Bowl Nationals.

Watch the Tulsa Shootout fight video below.

Blake Scott was leading his heat race on Tuesday night. Nicholas Howard had a run on the cushion. As they exited the corner, Scott shut the door and closed off the outside lane.

He was clear as he shut the door. However, as he entered the next corner, he set the car to head for the bottom once more. Howard still had momentum and was set to head for the cushion.

Howard got into the back of Scott. Scott went from the lead to parked backwards on the track.

Tulsa Shootout officials elected to penalize Blake Scott. He was sent to the tail of the field for the restart.

Moments later, the two drivers met at the track exit ramp. The two drivers pushed each other to the ground as officials scrambled to control the altercation.

A crew member for Scott grabbed Howard and threw him into the race car. That’s when Howard’s twin brother, Matthew Howard came running into the scene, throwing punches of his own.

There was then a second altercation between the pit crew member and Howard’s twin brother. Both altercations can be seen below.

“Feeling lucky to wake up on my own today. Thanks to everyone who reached out, I’m ok just 4 staples and a mild concussion,” Nicholos Howard tweeted.

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