Chase Elliott comments on his NASCAR suspension

NASCAR suspended Chase Elliott for 1 race after he crashed Denny Hamlin on purpose at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Two weeks ago at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Denny Hamlin rubbed doors with Chase Elliott, twice. On the second incident, Elliott was put into the wall off turn four.

Hear from Chase Elliott below.

Elliott reacted by turned left, hooking Hamlin in the right rear. Both cars slammed the outside wall after the retaliation and were out of the race.

Immediately, Hamlin called for Chase Elliott to be suspended.

Hamlin stated, “It’s a tantrum and he shouldn’t be racing next week. Right rear hooks are absolutely unexceptionable.”

Elliott stated that it wasn’t intentional, that he car was broken.

Elliott claimed, “Like I said, once you hit the wall in these things, you can’t drive them anymore. Just an unfortunate circumstance.”

NASCAR reviewed SMT and video data. They elected to suspend Elliott for 1-race.

The driver already missed 6 races earlier this season due to a leg injury. The driver has been out of the car for almost half the races run so far in 2023.

Elliott hasn’t commented since his penalty was announced. However, on Tuesday, he commented on the situation.

NASCAR explains the Chase Elliott suspension

Chase Elliott comments on his suspension

“Certainly, it was unfortunate circumstance on many accounts,” Chase Elliott stated.

“I hate that we’re in the position we’re in. Obviously, it’s been a pretty wild year, ever prior to last week, or two weeks ago.”

“I hate that I put our team, our partners, our fans and all the folks that make us go in a tough spot. Certainly glad Denny’s okay and I understand NASCAR’s call and what they felt like they needed to do.”

“So, I respect all that. For me personally, just kind of looking forward to getting back to work and just trying to get in a groove. Because, I don’t really feel like I’ve been in one throughout the year.”

“It’s been kind of stop and go, all season.”

Elliott will return to the No. 9 car this weekend at Sonoma Raceway.

Chase Elliott crashes Denny Hamlin in retaliation at Charlotte (Video)

Chase Elliott speaks after being suspended


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