Lucas Oil Speedway Results: August 17, 2023 (SRX)

Superstar Racing Experience results from the season finale on the dirt track

SRX drivers have landed in Wheatland, MO for the 3/8-mile dirt track of Lucas Oil Speedway. The small town is set to host a big race, the season finale for the 2023 Superstar Racing Experience.

View Lucas Oil Speedway results below.

Jonathan Davenport and Clint Bowyer set the front row for the main event. 90 laps of dirt track racing are up next…

Main Event

Green flag, Davenport and Bowyer run side by side into turn one. Bowyer spins the tires off the top lane of turn two. Davenport leads into turn three.

Lap 13, the caution is out.

Green, Davenport leads on the top and Bowyer rolls the middle. A lap later, Davenport clears him.

Lap 34, the caution is out. Tony Stewart heads to the pit lane for adjustements as he’s struggling back in 10th.

Green, Davenport leads as Andretti and Bowyer run side by side for 2nd. Bowyer wins the battle for 2nd via the outside lane.

Lap 47, Bowyer is all over the bumper of Davenport in the battle for the lead. They run nose to tail on the cushion.

Lap 51, the caution is back out. Ryan Newman heads to the pit lane.

Green, Davenport is clear before turn one as they run three wide for 2nd. Bowyer holds 2nd off turn two.

Lap 59, Stewart has found speed on the cushion! He drives from last to 8th in two laps.

Lap 65, Bowyer leans on the rear bumper of Davenport. They’re driving away from the rest of the field.

23 to go

23 to go, Helio Castroneves spins in turn two with help from Ernie Francis Jr, caution.

Green, Davenport leads. Andretti doors Bowyer off turn two, Bowyer is shoved over the cushion and Andretti takes 2nd away.

17 to go, Bowyer leans on the bumper of Andretti.

16 to go, Bowyer slides Andretti for 2nd.

13 to go, Bowyer has closed back to the bumper of Davenport.

11 to go, Brad Keselowski slides Ernie Francis Jr. Keselowski doors him, shoves him over the cushion and into the wall. Francis Jr spins in turn four due to left front damage, caution.

Bowyer picks the inside lane on the restart for the first time.

Green, Bowyer slides Davenport for the lead into turn one. Davenport crosses under him. Bowyer slides him once more. Davenport checks up lets him slide across his nose and Davenport crosses back under him to retake the lead.

They form four wide for the lead as Keselowski and Schrader stick their nose in the battle. Davenport holds the lead as Bowyer falls to 4th. Keselowski takes 2nd away.

5 to go, Davenport leads Keselowski by 10 car lengths.

3 to go, Bobby Labonte spins and the caution is out.

Green, Davenport leads as Keselowski holds 2nd.

Jonathan Davenport wins at Lucas Oil Speedway!

Lucas Oil Speedway
Race Results
August 17, 2023
SRX Series

The following includes all on-track action:

Practice Results

Practice : 1. Tony Stewart (18.812); 2. Brad Keselowski (18.899); 3. Hailie Deegan (18.951); 4. Jonathan Davenport (19.026); 5. Ryan Newman (19.043) 6. Kenny Wallace (19.047); 7. Ernie Francis Jr. – (19.081); 8. Clint Bowyer (19.129); 9. Bobby Labonte (19.144); 10. Ken Schrader (19.308); 11. Marco Andretti (19.360); 12. Helio Castroneves (19.533)

Heat Races

Heat 1 (25 Laps) : 1. Jonathan Davenport; 2. Ken Schrader; 3. Clint Bowyer; 4. Marco Andretti; 5. Brad Keselowski; 6. Hailie Deegan; 7. Earnie Francis Jr; 8. Ryan Newman; 9. Kenny Wallace; 10. Tony Stewart; 11. Bobby Labonte; 12. Helio Castroneves;

-Points are handed out for heat finishing positions. The starting field of heat two was inverted based on the finish in heat 1.

Heat 2 (25 Laps) : 1. Bobby Labonte; 2. Clint Bowyer; 3. Kenny Wallace; 4. Jonathan Davenport; 5. Marco Andretti; 6. Ernie Francis Jr; 7. Ryan Newman; 8. Tony Stewart; 9. Brad Keselowski; 10. Hailie Deegan; 11. Ken Schrader; 12. Helio Castroneves;

-Average finish from both heats are used to set the feature starting lineup.


Laps: 90

1. Jonathan Davenport

2. Brad Keselowski

3. Ken Schrader

4. Ryan Newman

5. Clint Bowyer

6. Marco Andretti

7. Tony Stewart

8. Kenny Wallace

9. Helio Castroneves

10. Hailie Deegan

11. Ernie Francis Jr

12. Bobby Labonte

Point Standings

Pos | Driver | Points

1. Ryan Newman

2. Marco Andretti

3. Brad Keselowski

4. Tony Stewart

5. Ken Schrader

6. Bobby Labonte

7. Hailie Deegan

8. Paul Tracy

Lucas Oil Speedway
August 17, 2023
SRX Series



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