Tommy Neal vs Amber Lynn at Bowman Gray Stadium (Video)

Tommy Neal and Amber Lynn crashed while racing for the lead at Bowman Gray Stadium; Neal jumped on a track gator and almost put it in gear

Last weekend, the 1/4-mile bullring of Bowman Gray Stadium hosted the 2023 season finale. The asphalt sportsman division raced a 100-lap main event in the final race of the year.

Tommy Neal and Amber Lynn were racing for the lead off turn two. It appeared that Neal came up and crowded Lynn as they rolled down the backstretch. At the same time, Lynn moved down the track but only slightly. They met in the middle.

If you look at other cars that ran side by side, Neal was running higher than other machines. At the same time, Lynn’s machine wasn’t all the way against the outside wall exiting turn two, more room could have been left for the inside car.

As they met in the middle, Neal was hooked in the right rear. Lynn went into the outside wall before coming to a stop against a tire barrier.

Neal’s machine found the hole in the wall, usually for the pit exit. At a high rate of speed, he drove right into a perpendicular wall. The machine crushed the water barrels, shooting water high into the air.

The impact was great enough that the car climbed over the wall. The wall was pushed back several feet and the car came to a rest on top of the wall.

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Tommy Neal jumps onto track owned gator in rage

After the crash, Tommy Neal was seeing red. He jumped onto a the track officials infield gator and began attempting to put it into gear.

His wife jumped into the passenger side of the gator. She grabbed his hand and talked him off the ledge.

Within seconds, Neal decided to climb out of the gator. A track official gave him an escort across the infield.

Tommy and his wife both walked to the edge of the track. They both pointed their fingers at Amber Lynn under the yellow. Then, Neal took a step forward and launched a water bottle at the car.

Amber Lynn comments

“It is with great pride that I recap this past weekends 100 lapper,” Amber Lynn stated via social media.

“After needlessly being taken out and having my car literally beat on we overcame and still finished 4th. When I pulled off and saw the fans on their feet cheering for me, I got this overwhelming courage to keep going no matter what. I love each and every one of you.”

“That being said, I will NOT be racing Bowman Gray full time next year. I will be taking a huge leap back from the “Madhouse” and focusing more on traveling and racing. This week to week rebuilding the car plus the endless facebook harassments have taken not only a physical toll on my family and I but a mental toll as well.”

“We will be running the CARS Tour in our pro car. We have also bought a modified to run in some crate modified races.”

She added, “We are very excited to be stepping back and to begin our new racing journey. We will run some races at Bowman Gray we just don’t know which ones.”

“Thank you to everyone who has cheered me on for the last 6 years at the stadium. This is not goodbye just see you sometimes!”

Lynn finished 5th in the Sportsman Series standings.

Tommy Neal vs Amber Lynn
Bowman Gray Stadium

Bowman Gray Stadium