NASCAR reacts to the Ryan Preece crash at Daytona

Ryan Preece flipped 10 times and spent the night in the hospital following the crash

On Saturday night, there was a terrifying crash in the NASCAR Cup Series race at Daytona International Speedway.

Ryan Preece spun at 190mph. As he was turned sideways, air got under the car, lifting it off the ground.

Preece landed upside down in the grass. The car then went into a violent flip, at least 10 flips in total at a high rate of speed.

Amazingly, Preece was able to climb from his car with only a little help from the safety team.

However, once he exited the car, they elected to place Preece on a stretcher. He was first transported to the infield medical center and then a local area hospital.

After spending the night in Daytona, Preece was sent home to North Carolina. Ryan Preece remains on the entry list for this weekend at Darlington Raceway.

NASCAR driver placed on a stretcher after Daytona crash (Video)

NASCAR comments following the Ryan Preece crash

“He was able to get out of the car. He was released on Sunday morning to get back to North Carolina,” Elton Sawyer stated via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

“A real credit to Dr. John Patalak and everyone at the R&D Center. The efforts that go into the safety of our race vehicles. Safety is not a destination, it’s a journey.”

“It’s something we’re constantly working on.”

“The No. 41, we loaded it up at the race track and brought it back here to the R&D Center. They started yesterday, taking a much deeper dive into exactly what went on. Simulating getting sideways at 190mph.”

“We get air under the car and it begins to flip multiple times. All of those things, we’ll take a much deeper dive into.”

“I’m sure there will be things we can learn from that.”

“Our sports is inherently dangerous. Whether it’s on pit road or behind the wheel of the racecar. The good news is both of our drivers [Blaney and Preece] were able to get out of the vehicles.”

Many fans have pointed to the grass as the reason the car flipped so violently. Will NASCAR discuss options for removing the grass?

“Yes, absolutely. That will be something that will be discussed as well.”

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