Bubba Wallace, Tyler Reddick to race Grimace, Hamburglar NASCAR paint schemes

The Hamburglar and Grimace are rolling into Homestead-Miami Speedway; Special paint schemes for NASCAR race

This weekend, NASCAR is heading to Homestead-Miami Speedway. The 1.5-mile track hosts a playoff race in the Round of 8 for the NASCAR Cup Series.

View the Grimace and Hamburglar paint schemes below.

McDonald’s is a sponsor of 23XI Racing. And for this weekend, they have special paint schemes rolling to the track featuring iconic characters.

On Thursday, 23XI Racing announced, “The 23 team will be racing as Grimace @ Homestead on 10.22.”

Grimace is a character in the McDonald’s universe. He’s Ronald McDonald’s best friend often adding dry humor to commercials.

The team added, “Surprise it’s a McDouble! The 45 team will be racing as Hamburglar @ Homestead on 10.22. Thank you to all the fans who voted and helped bring these designs across the finish line!”

The Hamburglar is a character from McDonaldland. He’s often featured in McDonald’s commercials. He attempts but often fails to hoard hamburgers.

The characters have made regular appearances in McDonald’s marketing since the 1970’s. In recent years, both characters have made few appearances.

Yet, in recent years, Grimace has been used more frequently such as the 2022 McDonald’s Superbowl commercial.

Reddick remains in the playoff battle. Wallace was eliminated after the Round of 12 two weeks ago.

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Bubba Wallace
Grimace Paint Scheme

Bubba Wallace - Grimace
Bubba Wallace – Grimace

Tyler Reddick
Hamburglar Paint Scheme

Tyler Reddick - Hamburgler
Tyler Reddick – Hamburglar

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