2016 NASCAR Trading Cards Preview

2016 NASCAR Trading Cards by Panini America Set to Speed Things Up with 2016 Torque NASCAR Racing

View the photo preview below of the 2016 NASCAR Trading Cards featuring many of the most popular NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers. The cards are part of the Torque NASCAR Racing set by Panini America.

Now that 2016 Prizm NASCAR Racing, Panini America’s history-making first NASCAR-licensed product, has had a week to resonate with collectors across North America, it’s safe to say that the company’s off to a fast start in the racing marketplace. But things will speed up just a bit when Panini America’s second NASCAR release, 2016 Torque NASCAR Racing, arrives on the last day of August.

To be sure, Torque will shift gears into more super-premium territory with each hobby box (10 cards per pack, five packs per box, eight boxes per inner case, two inner cases per master case) delivering five hits, including at least three autographs and two memorabilia cards.

The highlights of 2016 Torque NASCAR Racing are many and include . . .

2016 NASCAR Trading Cards - Tony Stewart Trading Card

-Look for Jumbo Memorabilia Signatures, Combo Material Signatures and the always-popular Silhouette Signatures featuring race-used memorabilia and autographs from the top drivers.

-Find Championship Vision, Winning Vision, Superstar Vision and Clear Vision cards featuring the top drivers from NASCAR’s past and present.

-Silhouette Firesuit Signatures and Silhouette Sheet Metal Signatures feature Panini America’s popular Silhouette design and jumbo pieces of race-worn and race-used memorabilia with base versions numbered to 499 or less, Blue versions numbered to 99 or less, Red versions numbered to 49 or less, Green versions numbered to 25 or less and Purple versions numbered to 10 or less.

-Jumbo Tire Signatures, as the name suggests, includes oversized pieces of race-used tires and autographs from NASCAR’s top drivers.

-Look for oversized patches teamed with autographs from some of the hottest drivers in the sport in the Jumbo Patch Signatures insert.

-The Combo Materials Signatures insert incorporates multiple types of race-used material including gloves, shoes, firesuits, tires and sheet metal, combined with autographs.

-Teammates share information and equipment in preparation for race day. In the Pairings Materials insert, now they’ll share a card featuring race-used memorabilia.

-The unique Championship Vision insert features die-cut championship trophies printed on acetate along with a holographic-framed border. The chase includes drivers who have previously won championships.

-Panini America’s vaunted art-card concept finally comes to racing with the Race Kings insert leading off with “The King” himself, Richard Petty. These cards follow the fabled Diamond Kings heritage with a distinct painted look.

We’ll have plenty more on Torque NASCAR Racing and the 2016 NASCAR Trading Cards in the coming days right here on The Knight’s Lance. But until then, enjoy this extended sneak peek:

2016 NASCAR Trading Cards – Photos

Actual images used on cards to be determined.

Author: Tracy Hackler (Panini America)