Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring iRacing Track Coming

iRacing signs deal with LVMS. Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring coming to iRacing in March 2017

Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring iRacing content is on the way. The asphalt short track will be added to the online sim racing service on the next build, come March.

View screenshots of the new new iRacing LVMS Bullring below.

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring is just that, a bullring. It’s a 3/8 mile action packed racetrack. It sit’s outside of the much larger Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The tiny racetrack in Las Vegas was originally built in 1985. Then, the short track was repaved 15 years later, in 2000.

iRacing Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring Screenshots

It’s small, especially in comparison to it’s bigger brother. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring features 5,400 permanent seats around the track. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway, on the other hand features a grandstand capacity of 116,000.

The bullring was actually installed on the Las Vegas, NV complex first, built in 1985. (Well technically, the drag strip was, as it was built in 1972.) The bullring was the first oval track built on the grounds. However, the complex is most known for the much larger 1.5 mile track, which was built in 1996.

In 1998, Las Vegas Motor Speedway changed owners. All tracks on the complex were sold by Richie Clyne and Ralph Englestad to it’s current owner, Speedway Motorsports, Inc. The price tag on the sale was $215 million.

iRacing is an online motorsports simulation service. It’s not a game. Very few are on there to play. The vast majority of drivers on the sim service are there to race!

The other (possible) content releases that will come in March to iRacing is dirt track racing. It’s the most anticipated addition to the online racing service since it’s inception in 2008. That was announce in April of 2016. It’s highly likely iRacing dirt racing will also be released in the March build, TBD.

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Author: Shane Walters


iRacing Las Vegas Motor Speedway Bullring



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