The ‘Do it for Dale’ guy just bought a #3 NASCAR truck

A street legal NASCAR Truck Series machine in the livery of Dale Earnhardt Sr was sold to a YouTube sensation

First off, it’s awesome. Any way you slice it, a street legal race truck awesome.

Cleetus McFarland is a YouTube sensation. 105,909,705 millions views and 500k subscribers later, he’s made a living doing awesome things.

The theme for his online videos generally circle around automobiles. Specifically, Merica made Chevrolet powered machines.

He regularly says, ‘Do it for Dale’ in the course of his videos. Someone approached him with the idea of purchasing a street legal NASCAR truck chassis in the state of Mississippi.

During a test drive he said, “So much America.” He then stepped on the gas, got a little wheel spin, “I’m sold! This is amazing.”

The NASCAR truck was lettered Dale Earnhardt Sr style.

Dale Earnhardt Sr NASCAR Truck
Dale Earnhardt Sr NASCAR Truck

Dale Earnhardt truck

First note is that the door frame reads, ‘Dale Earnhardt Sr’ but Dale Earnhardt never ran a race in the NASCAR Truck Series. I’m not sure I’d call it a red flag or not. But, if this truck did hit the track, it wasn’t lettered exactly like it is now.

Dale Sr did own a truck team. But, if this was a truck from the team the door would actually say Mike Skinner.

The seller said the truck was built for Dave Marcis. Richard Childress Racing fielded a truck for Marcus in his one and only NASCAR SuperTruck Series start. That was in October 28, 1995 at Phoenix International Raceway. Mike Skinner won the race as Marcis finished 7th, possibly in this very truck.

The engine and transmission are not NASCAR engines. They seller didn’t claim that they were. Just for the sake of pointing it out before someone else does, it’s a 5 speed. The NASCAR Truck Series utilizes a 4 speed transmission.

The engine was never used in NASCAR competition. It’s basically a crate engine. That also, doesn’t matter. In a street legal race truck, you certainly wouldn’t want the durability issues that come with an actual race engine.

Oh and slicks are not street legal tires.

Realistically, the truck was more than likely a rolling chassis purchased from a NASCAR team, maybe. If it was, it was probably more or less of a show truck. I’m inclined to believe this truck never turned a race lap. Or, it’s a complete fake. Either way, it’s still awesome!


Watch the video of the Dale Earnhardt NASCAR truck below.

Dale Earnhardt
NASCAR Truck Photos

Cleetus McFarland
Dale Earnhardt Sr


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