Vado Speedway Park Results: January 5, 2020 (World of Outlaws Late Models)

The final night in the Battle at the Border for the World of Outlaws Late Model Series

Tonight, the three-day World of Outlaws Late Model Series show comes to a close in Vado, New Mexico. Vado Speedway Park hosts the final night in the Battle at the Border.

View full 2019 Vado Speedway Park results below.

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Battle at the Border
Main Event

Laps: 75

Ricky Weiss won the priliminary night on Saturday. Tonight, he’s the last car to transfer into the main event in the LCQ. Last night’s winner will start at the back.

Billy Moyer Jr and Brandon Sheppard set row one and exit the pit gate. The field lines up in a four wide salute for the New Mexico dirt late model fans!

$15,000 is on the line in this feature. It’s the longest feature race in the history of this track. It’s also the highest paying dirt late model event in the short history of this new track.

75 laps of dirt track racing are up next…

Green flag, Moyer Jr heads deep to the bottom in turn one as Sheppard bounces off the cushion. Moyer Jr slides up the track as Sheppard leaves the cushion and cuts under Moyer off turn two.

Sheppard leads into turn three. Moyer Jr runs the middle as Chris Madden has a look on the bottom. They run three wide for the lead and Sheppard holds the lead with the high side momentum.

Lap 3, Jason Rauen is in the wall while running 7th. He was pinched by Ricky Eckert. The yellow is out as he heads to the hauler.

Green, Sheppard is clear by 5 car lengths at the start finish line.

Lap 9, Lanigan works 3rd away from Chris Madden. Bobby Pierce is slicing through the field, he’s now 11th after making the show through the LCQ.

Lap 10

Lap 10, Boom Briggs is slow and the caution is out.

Green, Sheppard leads. Chris Madden is slow at the green. The caution is back out.

It’s ignition issues for Madden. The issues are resolved during the caution period and Madden will restart at the tail.

Green, Sheppard leads. Lanigan slides Moyer Jr for 2nd. Right across his nose off turn two, Lanigan takes 2nd.

Mike Marlar slides Weiss for 12th but it doesn’t stick. Marlar is around and the caution is out.

Green, Sheppard leads. Cade Dillard and Lanigan run side by side for 2nd. Dillard clears him on the bottom. Pierce remains 3 wide as he climbs through the field behind them.

Billy Moyer Jr crash

Lap 16, Billy Moyer Jr jumps the cushion and clumbs the wall in turn one! Moyer Jr is upside down as the field approaches. Ashton Winger clips him.

Pierce is already on the cushion with nowhere to go. He spins into the scene and tags the flipping Moyer Jr. Pierce comes to a rest on the door, he might be ok once they get the car back down on four wheels.

The red flag is out. All drivers have climbed from their cars.

The yellow is back out as track officials have dropped Pierce back on four wheels. He drives it to the infield pit area! Pierce exits the pits and joins the tail. Winger is back on track as well.

Green flag, Sheppard leads. Several cars stack up at the back but they all continue.

Lap 25

Lap 25, Sheppard leads by 3 seconds. Lanigan is all over Dillard for 2nd as Bloomquist runs right with them in 4th.

Lap 30, Sheppard runs three wide with lap traffic. Lanigan pounds the cushion in turn one and drives by Dillard. Lanigan closes to within a second of the leader.

Lap 40, Bloomquist is rolling the middle of the race track. He’s on the bumper of Dillard for 3rd.

Lap 45, Ricky Weiss is on the bumper of Bloomquist. He has a look on the bottom and the door closes.

At the front, Sheppard and Lanigan each run the cushion, all the way around the race track. Lanigan is within three car lengths.

Lap 49

Lap 49, Brent Larson is slow and the caution is out.

Green, Sheppard leads. Cade Dillard knocks the cushion at the launch and takes 2nd into turn one. Lanigan fights back and Weiss comes into the picture, three wide for 2nd. Dillard holds the spot.

20 to go, Dillard drives it deep to the bottom. He pulls even with the race leader but loses all corner exit speed as Sheppard drives away off the corner.

Lap 63, Dillard moves back to the cushion. He’s on the bumper of the leader as the rear spoiler scrapes the wall.

14 to go, Dillard slides Sheppard in turn one, clear. Sheppard crosses under him. Dillard slides him again in turn three, clear. Sheppard crosses under him once again.

Sheppard opens the gap and Lanigan closes on Dillard.

9 to go

9 to go, Frank Hencknast Jr is slow while running 8th. He has steering issues and the caution is out.

Green, Sheppard knocks the cushion at the launch. Dillard punches it on the bottom. The Dillard machine wins the race to the start finish line! Dillard leads into turn one.

Dillard moves back to the cushion. Sheppard mirrors his line but he trails by 3 car lengths.

5 to go, Dillard leads Sheppard by a full second.

2 to go, Dillard continues to scrape the wall but he’s opening the gap.

Cade Dillard wins at Vado Speedway Park!

Vado Speedway Park Results
World of Outlaws Late Models
January 5, 2020

View full Vado Speedway results from Vado, New Mexico below.


Group A Qualifying (2 Laps) : 1. Boom Briggs (15.000); 2. Cade Dillard (15.031); 3. Chris Madden (15.134); 4. Frank Heckenast Jr (15.238); 5. Rick Eckert (15.252); 6. Darrell Lanigan; 7. Stormy Scott; 8. Brent Larson; 9. Billy Moyer Sr; 10. Ricky Weiss; 11. Matt Cosner; 12. Ricky Thornton Jr; 13. Earl Pearson Jr; 14. Blake Spencer; 15. Casey Skyberg; 16. Brandon Lewis; 17. Albert Sack; 18. Rick Ortega; 19. Mike Marlar; 20. Tony Toste;

Group B Qualifying (2 Laps) : 1. Garrett Alberson (15.052); 2. Dennis Erb Jr (15.086); 3. Billy Moyer Jr (15.170); 4. Brandon Sheppard (15.206); 5. Scott Bloomquist (15.253); 6. Jason Rauen; 7. Ashton Winger; 8. Chase Junghans; 9. Jimmy Mars; 10. Kody Evans; 11. Jason Papich; 12. Bobby Pierce; 13. Don Shaw; 14. Johnny Scott; 15. Steve Stultz; 16. Brian Shirley; 17. Kenneth Densman; 18. Blair Northdurft; 19. Lyndon Bolt; 20. Ivendent Lloyd;

Heat Races

Heat 1 (8 Laps – Top 4 Transfer) : 1. Chris Madden; 2. Boom Briggs; 3. Rick Eckert; 4. Stormy Scott; 5. Mike Marlar; 6. Matt Cosner; 7. Billy Moyer Sr; 8. Earl Pearson Jr; 9. Casey Skyberg; 10. Albert Sack;

Heat 2 (8 Laps – Top 4 Transfer) : 1. Cade Dillard; 2. Darrell Lanigan; 3. Frank Heckenast Jr; 4. Brent Larson; 5. Ricky Weiss; 6. Ricky Thornton Jr; 7. Blake Spencer; 8. Brandon Lewis; 9. Rick Ortega; 10. Tony Toste;

Heat 3 (8 Laps – Top 4 Transfer) : 1. Billy Moyer; 2. Ashton Winger; 3. Scott Bloomquist; 4. Jason Papich; 5. Garrett Alberson; 6. Jimmy Mars; 7. Steve Stult; 8. Lyndon Bolt; 9. Kenneth Densman; 10. Don Shaw;

Heat 4 (8 Laps – Top 4 Transfer) : 1. Brandon Sheppard; 2. Jason Rauen; 3. Dennis Erb Jr; 4. Brian Shirley; 5. Kody Evans; 6. Bobby Pierce; 7. Johnny Scott; 8. Ivedent Lloyd; 9. Blair Northdurft; 10. Chase Junghans;

B Main

B Main 1 (10 Laps – Top 3 Transfer) : 1. Mike Marlar; 2. Billy Moyer; 3. Ricky Weiss; 4. Matt Cosner; 5. Earl Pearson Jr; 6. Casey Skyberg; 7. Blake Spencer; 8. Rick Ortega; 9. Brandon Lewis; 10. Albert Sack; 11. Ricky Thornton Jr; 12. Tony Toste;

B Main 2 (10 Laps – Top 3 Transfer) : 1. Kody Evans; 2. Garrett Alberson; 3. Bobby Pierce; 4. Jimmy mars; 5. Johnny Scott; 6. Ivedent Lloyd; 7. Blair Northdurft; 8. Chase Junghans; 9. Don Shaw; 10. Kenneth Densman; 11. Lyndon Bolt; 12. Steve Stultz;

Vado Speedway Park
January 5, 2020
Main Event

75 Laps | $15,000 to win

Pos | Driver

1. Cade Dillard
2. Brandon Sheppard
3. Darrell Lanigan
4. Scott Bloomquist
5. Ricky Weiss
6. Dennis Erb Jr
7. Rick Eckert
8. Chris Madden
9. Mike Marlar
10. Bobby Pierce
11. Garrett Alberson
12. Stormy Scott
13. Chase Junghans
14. Kody Evans
15. Boom Briggs
16. Matt Cosner
17. Ivedent Lloyf
18. Ashton Winger
19. Frank Heckenast Jr
20. Billy Moyer
21. Brent Larson
22. Blake Spencer
23. Brian Shirley
24. Jason Papich
25. Billy Moyer Jr
26. Jason Rauen


Scott Bloomquist and Chris Madden join the World of Outlaws Late Model Series for 2020


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