Chandler Smith disqualified following phone violation

Smith turned two qualifying laps in the Snowball Derby; His qualifying run was disallowed; Driver comments

Chandler Smith: “I’ve never heard of any type of traction control while a car is sitting still?

This week, the famed Snowball Derby is underway. 5 Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida hosts the big super late model event with a $25,000 payout.

Chandler Smith turned two qualifying laps. His time was a 16.551.

When Smith climbed out of the car, officials gave him a DQ. It was a photo violation as phones are not allowed anywhere near the cars during qualifying or the race.

Snowball Derby Cell Phone Rule: “No digital dashes allowed. Cellphones, smart watches or Bluetooth devices will not be allowed in racecar at any time during qualifying or race, this is an automatic disqualification.”

Chandler Smith comments

Chandler Smith posted on social media after the disqualification, “Just to clarify to everyone about the Qualifying situation. When I got out of my car AFTER I TOOK MY TIME, I went over to my CC and he showed me my phone and I clicked on race monitor while it was still in his hand and now we start last in the last chance race. This will be fun.”

Tracks officials are mostly concerned about bluetooth devices near the car. They are worried the phones could control possible traction control devices.

Chandler Smith added, “Haha. That’s weird. I’ve never heard of any type of traction control while a car is sitting still? Not to mention after I already made my lap.”

The time of 16.551 would have put him 37th on the grid of the 53 cars that set a time. The top 30 automatically transfer into Sunday’s race. The rest of the field is set to run a LCQ race to grab a starting spot toward the tail of the field.

5 Flags Speedway will run the 300 lap main event on Sunday night.

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