Denny Hamlin Penalty: Appeals panel upholds violation

The ruling has modified the penalty slightly

On May 2, Denny Hamlin lost a wheel during the race at Dover Motor Speedway. NASCAR issued their penalty report noting section and it included three four-race suspension for the No. 11 team.

Sections: ( Loss or separation of an improperly installed tire/wheel from the vehicle with the note: Loss of tire/wheel during the event.


Crew Chief
Chris Gabehart

Derrell Edwards

Tire Changer
Blake Houston

NASCAR Penalty Report: Apr-May 2022 (Dover)

Joe Gibbs Racing elected to appeal the penalty to the National Motorsports Appeals Panel. That appeals case was heard today by a three person panel, independent of NASCAR.

It’s rare that a penalty is overturned. However, it does happen and it happened at recently as last week with Matt Crafton.

Matt Crafton wins appeal of NASCAR disqualification

Appeal upheld

However, in this case, the penalty has been upheld. However, there have been some adjustments.

The three person panel:

Kelly Housby
Bill Mullis
Kevin Whitaker

The suspensions originally included the All-Star race. However, it’s not been adjusted by the panel to include the next four points races, excluding this weekend’s All-Star race.

New suspension dates: Charlotte (May 29), Gateway (June 5), Sonoma (June 12) and Nashville (June 26).

The team has the option to send the case to the National Motorsports Final Appeals Officer. That would be their last option an an attempt to reverse the penalty. Yet, the team did not inform NASCAR if they plan to do that or not.

NASCAR moved to much larger 18″ wheels with the Next Gen car. That’s much larger than last years 15″ wheel. For safety, the design was switched to a single center locking lug nut.

With the new single lugnut, NASCAR announced that the penalty for a lost wheel would be much greater than years prior. So far, 9 teams have been hit with penalties regarding wheels.

NASCAR mandates sensitivity training for Denny Hamlin


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