Denny Hamlin crashes Kyle Larson to win Pocono (Video)

Denny Hamlin puts Kyle Larson in the wall for the NASCAR win at Pocono Raceway

On Sunday, NASCAR took the green at Pocono Raceway. The race saw drama unfold between the race leaders and two off-track friends.

Watch the Denny Hamlin vs Kyle Larson video from Pocono Raceway below.

Will 7 laps to go, Kyle Larson cleared Denny Hamlin into turn one and under braking. However, Larson began to run wide.

Hamlin also ran up the banking and shoved Larson further up the track. The door to door contact forced Larson to slap the wall off turn one.

The move was near identical to last season’s race at the same track when Hamlin put Chastain in the wall for the win. However, in that scenario, those drivers had a lot of bad blood and previous incidents in which Hamlin thought Chastain was owed to be raced that particular way.

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Seconds later, Justin Haley was in the turn two wall. That brought out the caution.

Larson then passed several cars under yellow. He drove up to the race leader and slammed into the door of Hamlin, under the caution.

Hamlin went on to claim the victory. It’s his 50th career victory.

The crowd erupted in boo’s for the race winner.

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Team Audio

#11 Crew Radio: “I know he’s your buddy and all. But, good grief. Have you seen the stuff he does to people.”

Hamlin said over the radio, “Yeah, I gave him a lane. There was more than a lane. It was his choice to stay in it.”

#5 Crew Radio: “Well, we didn’t say a word on our radio. But, wait until you here the shit they talked on their radio.”

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Denny Hamlin comments

“Both guys wrecked themselves,” Denny Hamlin told NBC after the win.

“There was a lane. He missed the corner first. Evidentally, he didn’t have his right side tires clean. And when he gased it, he just kept going again.”

“You have an option in those positions to either hold it wide open and hit the fence or lift and race it out. Those were choices they made. I didn’t hit either one of them and I didn’t touch them.”

“I love it. They can boo my rock out here in a few years.”

Pocono Raceway has rocks for all-time greats outside the garage area. Hamlin holds the record for the most wins at Pocono Raceway at 7.

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Kyle Larson comments

“We got spun early. It wasn’t the same after that,” Larson opened after the race.

“I’ve been cost a lot of good finishes by him throughout my career. I know he says I race a certain way. But, I don’t think I’ve ever had to apologize to him.”

“I’m sure he’s going to say sorry after this. But, it is what it is.”

“Yeah, we’re friends. Yes, this makes things shitty and awkward. He’s always right. All the buddy’s know, Denny’s always right. I’m sure he was in the right there as well.”

“I’m not going to let it tarnish a friendship. But, I am pissed. And, I feel like I should be pissed. I’m sure during ‘Actions Detrimental’ he’ll have a long clip about it.”

Larson will likely race Hamlin different moving forward.

“I think at this point, I have to. I’ve never had to apologize to him about anything I’ve done on the racetrack. I can count 4-5 times where he’s had to reach out to, ‘Hey man, I’m sorry.’ “

“Eventually, like he says, you gotta start racing people to get the respect back.”

“He pulled the same move on Ross last year. Which, Ross probably deserved it with all the stuff that he’s done to Denny in his career. Again, I haven’t done that to Denny.”

“So, I don’t think I deserve to be run into, before I ever got to the wall.”

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