Kyle Busch flustered by Joey Logano; F-Bombs on LIVE TV (Video)

Joey Logano interviewed Kyle Busch during a green flag run in the SRX race; Kyle Busch drops F-Bomb

On Thursday night, the Superstar Racing Experience raced at Berlin Raceway. The series places drivers from a wide range of racing disciplines into short track machines.

Joey Logano served as a member of the broadcast team. Kyle Busch was racing the Florida Panthers sponsored machine.

Logano and Busch have a history of feuds in the NASCAR world. In the Clash this season, Logano spun out Busch and the two traded words via social media.

Back in 2017, Busch and Logano got into a fight after the race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It’s one of their many run-ins.

SRX has a segment during most events where broadcasters communicate to drivers, during crucial moments during the race. It’s fairly unique in auto racing for broadcasters to talk to drivers during green flag runs.

On lap 39 of the 100 lap race, Joey Logano grabbed the radio to speak to Kyle Busch.

Berlin Raceway Results: August 3, 2023 (SRX Series)

Joey Logano radios Kyle Busch during the race

Joey Logano: “Kyle, you got me here?”

Kyle Busch: “Yeah, little busy.”

Logano: “I figured that. And, I figured I was the person you’d love to hear in your ear right now. So, I’m here for you. I can help spot you along. I wanna know is, how are are you pushing right now? Are you playing a little cat and mouse with Brad out there. How much you got left?”

Busch: “Yeah, definitely a little cat and mouse right now. You’re just trying to modulate your gap. But, you know, hearing you on my radio, this fucking lights a fire under my ass.”

Logano: “I’ll stay here as long as you need me. Well, you got Helio behind you, he’s looking on your inside. He’s there! He’s tapping you, hold onto her!”

Just at that monent, Helio Castroneves put the bumper to the left rear of Kyle Busch for 2nd place.

Logano: “He’s still there. He’s in there bud. You’re clear behind him though. I could be your spotter. Plenty of room behind ya.”

Busch: “We over-adjusted but trying to hang on here. Some more laps, let these guys go race it out and burn their stuff up.”

After the end of the radio communication, Logano stated, “I love that I can still fire-up Kyle Busch. That makes me happy. I don’t know that I got in his head. He didn’t get passed all night long, until I started talking to him. So, I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear me anymore. I should just let him go back to work.”

Logano commented, “Ever since I stopped talking to Kyle, he started going fast again.”

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Kyle Busch comments after the race

At the halfway mark, Helio Castroneves led with Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch all over his bumper.

On a restart with 33 to go, Kyle Busch worked inside of Keselowski for 2nd. Helio Castroneves burned off his tires too quick and Busch quickly took the lead away with a pass on the outside.

Kyle Busch held on to grab the win.

“It was fine, it was good,” Kyle Busch told Matt Weaver of Logano tapping into his radio.

“I do need to apologize. I used foul language too much. So, whoops.”

Busch added, “I wish they would have came to me with about 30 to go.”

The driver later added via twitter, “Guys brought me another fast ride and it’s always fun to race hard with drivers from so many different backgrounds. Thx to the fans for packing Berlin and all those that tuned in! Sorry for the F-Bomb. slip up. Too EXCITED?

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Joey Logano fires up Kyle Busch
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