Austin Hill, Chandler Smith have heated exchange after Michigan (Video)

Watch the video as the NASCAR drivers disagree on the incident at Michigan International Speedway

On Saturday the NASCAR Xfinity Series raced on the 2-mile oval of Michigan International Speedway. The race ended in drama between two drivers that have a team alliance.

Watch the Chandler Smith vs Austin Hill video below.

Coming to 1 to go, Chandler Smith slid Austin Hill in turn four. Hill attempted to cross under him off the corner but clipped him in the rear bumper. Smith bounced off the outside wall but kept going.

As he entered turn one on the final lap, Smith’s machine was damaged. He went straight into the corner and slammed the outside wall.

After the race, Smith climbed from his car and approached the No. 21 car. The two drivers engaged in a heated conversation.

“I’d be careful talking to Austin after the race,” Dale Earnhardt Jr stated.

Austin Hill previously punched Myatt Snider after Snider approached his car on the pit lane after the race. Snider went down immediately in that situation.

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Austin Hill comments

“Him and I will have a more in depth conversation on Monday. Kaulig is in an alliance with us so we always have our Monday morning meetings with them,” Austin Hill told NBC.

Austin Hill drives for Richard Childress Racing while Chandler Smith drives for Kaulig Racing. Both teams share information to improve their operations.

“I’m sure that we’ll hash it out a little more in the meeting. Once we both cool off, we’ll talk about what we could have both done differently.”

“I just had a really big run coming off of four. I went to the resin or close to where the resin was and got a huge run. And, since there was really nobody out back that we were racing I was kinda expecting him to give me the top lane.”

“Well, he didn’t. He slid me. I hit him as I was trying to cross. Hit him in left rear. If you get hit in the left rear, you’re going into the fence, automatically.”

“It was nothing intentional or anything. I probably could have lifted, still cleared him and turned down. But, I was really in my mind, ‘Ok, the No. 16 is going to give me the top here.’ “

“When he didn’t, it was a last second decision to turn left. Ruined their day, really didn’t want to destroy one of their racecars.”

“A little bit on me, a little bit on him. There’s things that we can both look back on and do differently if we have that same situation happen again.”

Michigan Results: August 5, 2023 (NASCAR Xfinity Series)

Chandler Smith vs Austin Hill
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