Ty Gibbs mad at John Hunter Nemechek after Michigan (Video)

Watch the video at the Joe Gibbs Racing teammates spun at Michigan International Speedway

Today the NASCAR Xfinity Series raced at Michigan International Speedway. The race began with contact between Joe Gibbs Racing teammates.

Watch the John Hunter Nemechek and Ty Gibbs video below.

On lap 11 of 125, Ty Gibbs got loose. John Hunter Nemechek then got into the bumper of Gibbs off turn two. Both cars went for a long slide through the infield.

Another JGR teammate, Sammy Smith came into the scene with nowhere to go and ended his day in the crash. Carson Hocevar was another driver collected.

Nemechek stated over the radio, “Sorry, I guess it was just a bad aero spot, I don’t know.”

Gibbs was highly frustrated following the incident. Under the caution, Gibbs caught up to Nemechek and he stuck his hand out the window.

Nemechek stated over the radio, “I don’t know what he is mad at.”

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John Hunter Nemechek offers apology from victory lane

“I have to apologize to Ty,” John Hunter Nemechek told NBC after climbing from his car.

“I’ve been the one that’s been very vocal about teammates here recently. And, I put him in a bad spot, got him loose then couldn’t check up.”

After the race at Road America, Nemechek was highly frustrated with his teammates running into him. He called them out in the post-race interview.

“It’s my mistake. I hate that we both spun early. But, at least we both rebounded decently.”

“I know he’s not too happy with me. He has every right not to be.”

Nemechek added, “We both need to talk. I definitely will initiate that conversation.”

“I gotta go back and see a replay too. I don’t know too much of what happened. He had cleared me, I slid up behind him. I think it took the air of the rear bumper.”

“He checked up. I barely tapped him in the back then I got ran into. Just a chain reaction of events and I probably shouldn’t have put myself in that situation. Just need to be a little bit smarter.”

Nemechek concluded, “We’ll see how he receives it.”

Sammy Smith comments

“I don’t want to point fingers. It looks like John Hunter was maybe being a little aggressive there on Ty. Just part of it, I guess.”

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