Daniel Dye suffers concussion after being intentionally hooked in right rear (Video)

Dye provided a medical update; Later deleted the message

On Saturday night, the ARCA Menards Series visited Winchester, Indiana. The high banked half-mile of Winchester Speedway hosted the Sioux Chief Showdown and brought drama.

Watch the Daniel Dye crash video below.

On lap 84 of 200, Daniel Dye and Taylor Gray battled for 3rd. Dye entered high in turn one and crossed under Gray off turn two.

In turn three, Dye drove it deep to the bottom. They ran even but Dye lost the rear end slightly. Dye chased it up the banking and made light door to door contact.

Off turn four, Dye had taken the 3rd position but Gray was still at his right rear.

Gray didn’t like the move and showed Dye how he felt with his race car. Gray turned left down the straight away and hooked Dye in the right rear.

Dye was sent nose first into the outside wall, just before the flagstand. He bounced off the outside wall and rolled backwards across the race track.

Nick Sanchez was collected by the spinning car, ending his night as well. Other cars were able to jump on the brakes and avoid more carnage.

The red flag was displayed. Daniel Dye climbed from his car, pulling out his own hair in complete frustration.

After the incident, the fathers of both drivers met on the pit lane to discuss the incident.

Taylor Gray

Taylor Gray commented via social media, “I made a mistake last night. I don’t intentionally wreck people, I just misjudged the call. I don’t race like that and I hate that I wrecked there stuff. On to Watkins Glen.”

Gray is expected to make his NASCAR Truck Series debut this weekend.

Taylor Gray crashes Daniel Dye at Winchester Speedway - ARCA Menards Series
Taylor Gray crashes Daniel Dye at Winchester Speedway – ARCA Menards Series

Daniel Dye

“I passed the No. 17 clean and he just right hooked me,” Daniel Dye told NBC Sports directly after the incident.

“I don’t know. I’ve seen him race like that before but it’s not the usual.” He added, “I was surprised.”

“He pushed me down to the apron in three and four. I still kept it off of him and he hooked me.”

Dye concluded in the TV interview, “Right hand hooked me the first chance he got. So, he’s got one coming.”

Later, Daniel Dye added more comments via social media:

Dye stated, “Passed for 3rd clean and got right hooked intentionally. Confused but you’ll have that. Thank you to GMS Racing for building me a safe race car. Seen some people get hurt in race cars after stuff that like so I’m blessed and thankful to be here.”

After the incident, the fathers of both drivers walked over the pit wall. They met in the middle of the pit lane to exchange words and hand gestures.

Dye said, “What do you get when one teenager wrecks another teenager? Their dads fight on pit road. My dad is in his prime at the age of 61 so let er eat RD”

“No previous run ins. He was definitely mad at me post race and I went over there calm. Confused as to why for sure.”

Dye offers on medical update:

“Mild concussion and some whiplash from Saturday night. Doc hooking me up with some meds so I’ll be ready to rock next week with Ben Kennedy Racing at Cordele”

Cordele is a late model event at Crisp Motorsports Park in Georgia. The tweet above has since been deleted.

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