Bubba Wallace engages booing Bristol fans

Bristol Motor Speedway fans boo Bubba Wallace after the race

On Saturday night, NASCAR raced at Bristol Motor Speedway. The half-mile track hosted an eliminated round in the playoffs.

Bubba Wallace entered the race 19 below the playoff cutline. He caught a break as Joey Logano was involved in a crash and Kevin Harvick struggled with handling issues.

At the checkered flag, Wallace narrowly advanced into the next round of the playoffs. He advanced by just 4 points (4 positions).

4 of the 16 playoff drivers were eliminated. Now, for the first time in his career, Wallace is set for a battle in the round of 12 of the NASCAR Playoffs.

After the race, Wallace climbed from his car, took off his helmet and sat down on the ground next to his car. He was exhausted.

As he stood up for an interview, Wallace was met by large boos from the grandstands.

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Bubba Wallace comments after Bristol Motor Speedway

“God, I love that shit right there,” Bubba Wallace told NBC Sports as he reacted to a sea of boo’s from the crowd.

“They counted us out. All they’re doing is adding fuel to the fire. I love it.”

“I love where am at in this team. A career year. Just gotta keep it going.”

“But, I’m mentally exhausted. Gave it my all there, battled hard and executed. That’s what you gotta do.”

“Next week’s a reset. We’re just going to go out and have some fun and work our asses off.”

In stage three, Larson was running 2nd while Bubba Wallace was 2 laps down to the leader. Hamlin led by quite a bit but Wallace was running just four points above the playoff elimination line.

Larson and Wallace made contact as Larson went by.

“I’m running my own race. I don’t know, I’m pretty sure he thought he could go catch the No. 11, that’s a tall task. But, what I thought I had on the line was more important and what he thought he had on the line was more important. It’s Bristol, it’s racing.”

“All good. We’ll go onto Texas and have some fun.”

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