Take a tour around the newly constructed Tri-County Speedway (VIDEO)

Isaiah Day: “I wanna sell you the whole seat but you’re only gunna need the edge.”

Tri-County Speedway will open the grandstands for the first time on Saturday night. In just a handful of months they’ve gone from a plot of land to the green flag.

The 1/4 mile clay oval is located in Flomaton, Alabama. It’s shiny and they’re going racing for the first time with Bombers, Purestocks, Street Stocks UMP Mods, LM Sportsman and 604 Late Models.

Watch the video tour of the facility below.

“Probably the number 1 complaint that I get is that it’s flat. I’ve got to bunk that myth tonight. You’re looking at 10 degrees banking. The front straightaways and the turns are 105 foot wide. The back-straightaway is like 118″,” Tri-County Speedway co-owner Isaiah Day explains in the facebook live video below.

“This is probably what sets Tri-County apart from it’s counterparts on the gulf coast, it’s width. You talk about places that are really fun to watch races. Knoxville, Iowa, Kokomo Indiana, Magnolia Motor Speedway, Eldora. Great facilities but they have one thing in common… The track is wide enough to accommodate multiple grooves.”

“When we get onto a place that’s really high banked — We get to a point as drivers where we begin to follow one-another. The banking becomes a crutch. We get to where we can fly around the speedway. We can put it on the wood and just stay there. We start following each other.”

“The theory with the low banking is to make you get off the gas a little bit getting into the turns. Hopefully promote and create some racing awesome racing. I wanna sell you the whole seat but you’re only gunna need the edge.”

“I’m stoked because I wanna drive on it. I’ve made a few laps on it with some other people. If you’re out here racing in the street stocks on Friday night and you go, ‘Who’s this idiot in the black and orange late model?’ It’s me. I’m sorry. I just want to race.”

Fans aren’t required to find a seat. There’s a parking area that would allow you to watch the race from your vehicle with the purchase of a pit pass. It’s the tailgating section.

“Bring the jeep out. The weather’s nice. If you got a four-wheeler or you got a side-by-side and you want to ride it here… You, your old lady, your kids, your girlfriend. Your wife and girlfriend, I don’t know. Buy a pit pass, you can park there.”

20 speakers surround the speedway. It’s not just for the fans. At some tracks, it can be hard to hear when to lineup. The speedway is surrounded with speakers and amplifiers to solve that issue.

“I’m hoping this thing slicks off from top to bottom. I really want to see some dynamic racing. We made sure that if we were going to put clay on it that it was legitimate clay. Something that you can race on, that you can pass on, something that you can depend on to stay under ya.”

“I done spent like a bunch of money building this place. So, please buy admission passes,” Isaiah Day concluded.

“You know I done spent too much. We ain’t got no pace car. I just like rust and cool stuff like that.”

This isn’t a dimly lit dirt track. The track is also surrounded in LED lights, they bleachers are brand new and they’re open for business. This Saturday, April 14th, the Tri-County Speedway is set to host their first race.

2018 Tri-County Speedway Schedule

April 14th
Opening Night
Featuring- Bomber, Purestock, Street Stock
UMP Mod, LM Sportsman, 604 Late Models.

April 28th
Bomber, Purestock, Street Stock, LM sportsman, 604 LM

May 12th
Bomber,PS,SS,LM SP,604 LM

May 26th
Salute to Service Night. Intermission meet the drivers Cars assembled on the track for a fan meet and greet. Freedom 40 LM Sportsman race, 40 Laps 1000 to win. Reg classes

June 9th
Bomber,SS,Sportsman LM,604 LM plus Vintage. (Purestock off, Six Shooter series @ Flomaton)

June 23
MSSCCS Super Late Models plus Bomber,PS,LM Sportsman.
Street Stock off, 604 LM race with the State Series.

July 7th
the Buddy Crenshaw 4th of July Rumble
A night to honor both our Great Nation, and a man who loves America and has dedicated his life to racing! He has built countless motors, tuned carbs, and helped almost every racer in the area. Come show your love for the Stars and Bars and make an old man who loves our sport feel appreciated!
Bomber,PS,SS,LM Sportsman,604 LM plus Vintage and IMCA Mods.

July 21st
Reg Classes Bomber,PS,SS,LM Sportsman, 604 LM

August 11th
MSSCCS SUPER Late Models plus Bomber,PS,SS,LM Sportsman
(604 LM to race with State Series)

August 18th
Back to School Night. Bomber 30 laps, 500 to win! Meet the Drivers plus Kiddie Rides. PS,SS,LM Sportsman,604 LM plus Imca Mod

September 1st
Labor Day Weekend
Laid Back 25, 25 laps, 650 to win Pure Stock
Reg Racing in Bomber,SS,LM Sportsman,604 LM

September 15
Late Model Allstar Night
Fan poll voting will determine the starting order of the Night’s Late Model division Features. Top ten in track points will take up the first 10 positions, the order that the top ten starts in… that’s up to YOU!
Non points Race in Both LM divisions! 1000 to win 604 LM, 750 to win LM Sportsman

September 29th
Season Championships. Final Points of the Season.

Regular Racing in Bomber,PS,SS,LM Sportsman
604 LM

October 12-13
The Inaugural “Joe Wallace Dirt Track Classic” presented by Maher Motorsports and H and H Racing.

A night to remember a man, a man that loved and lived to race and help other Racers! A race ran in honor of a man whose touch was felt by so many in the racing community. This event will be a. Two day show with qualifying and heats ran on Friday Night and B mains and Features ran on Saturday Night!

56 laps 2560 to Win 604 LM
560 to Win Bomber
756 to Win Pure Stock
1056 to Win Street Stock
1256 to Win Late Model Sportsman

Track Address

2988 Old Highway 31
Flomaton, Alabama 36441

Tri-County Speedway Video Tour


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