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Night 2 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Winternationals win goes to Josh Richards, Claiming his 7th career win at East Bay Raceway Park

Josh Richards created his own destiny tonight. His efforts land him in victory East Bay Raceway victory lane, for the 7th time in his dirt late model career.

He started the night by setting quick time. Richards was timed at 14.547 seconds around the 1/3 mile clay oval.

That provided him with pole position in his heat race. He won it but it didn’t come without a fight. He ran 2nd for most of his heat. Saving it all for the last lap, Richards made the pass for the lead in the final corner.

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Josh Richards East Bay Raceway Victory Lane 5591

In victory lane Josh Richards said that heat race was “key”. Winning the heat race helped significantly in the main event.

In the 25 lap feature on the Florida dirt track, Richards started outside front row. He wasn’t able to get the lead on the start. Instead, he fell in line, saved his tires and ran 2nd for a few laps.

Around lap 6, Richards made the move on leader Davey Johnson. He drove to the inside, a slide job. On the exit they were door to door with no room between them. He finished the pass in turn 3.

Caution. The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series reverted the race to the previous lap. Richards would restart in 2nd. It didn’t take long, he made the same move again. This time he had Davey Johnson cleared by turn 2 and drove away to lead every lap following.

Davey Johnson broke a few laps later. After coasting to the high side of turns 1 and 2 he took a hard right turn to the pits.

Tim Dohm claimed the runner up position. Austin Hubbard, Devin Moran and David Breazeale filled in your remaining top five runners.

Josh Richards MavTV Interview 5596

Josh Richards talked in victory lane, “We made a lot of changes from last night, we worked our way back to seventh last night, so tonight was a whole lot better. The pass on Austin [Hubbard] on the final lap of that heat race was crucial. Davey [Johnson] started off good. We stayed right with him until we were able to get around him.”

In victory lane Josh Richards preformed the MavTV interview. In that quick interview he said he thought he had a flat tire toward the end of the 25 lap race. He explained that he was spinning the tires really bad off the corner.

He interpreted, “I didn’t know how many wins we could get down here. That’s two already. I really couldn’t see who was behind me. It felt like the car was leaning over there at the end. The tires might have been burned off I am not sure right now. We are still learning the communications between Randall and myself. It’s always good to win here at East Bay.” Said the 28-year-old in Lucas Oil Victory Lane.

“Thanks to the team for a great job. That makes it two for four with Randall Edwards and all the other guys. I am grateful for this opportunity to drive this car.”

Steve Francis Flip at East Bay Raceway Park 5488

Steve Francis nearly rolled it. He was caught up in a parking lot of dirt late models in the middle of 1 and 2. The pressure between cars was too much, thus one had to be lifted to make room.

The #15 was the one that was lifted. He found himself parked on top of Frank Heckenast Jr. Red flag. When the dust settled, he climbed from his car, 6 feet in the air. All drivers involved walked away under their own power.

Last nights winner made the main event, but he had to fight to get there. Brandon Sheppard rolled to the back of the starting grid after netting a runner-up B-Main finish. However, in the main event, he was moving forward, passing 6+ cars in no time. That progress was halted when he suddenly pulled off the racetrack.

The hometown hero Kyle Bronson had trouble in his heat race. He was running well within a transfer spot. However, he missed the groove, slid up into the marbles and drove up the wall. Unsure, if a mechanical failure was the reason for the incident.

The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series will rack ’em again tomorrow night East Bay Raceway Park.

View full East Bay Raceway Lucas Oil Late Model results below.

Author: Shane Walters


Josh Richards Photos – East Bay Raceway Park


East Bay Raceway Park
February 14, 2017

Miller Welders Fast Time Group A: Davey Johnson / 14.878 seconds

Miller Welders Fast Time Group B: Josh Richards / 14.547 seconds


Heat 1
East Bay Raceway Park
February 14, 2017

Davey Johnson, Michael Lake, Jimmy Owens, Devin Moran, Craig Wolford, Brian Ligon, Bob Gardner, Timothy Culp, Boom Briggs, Billy Moyer, Jr., Gregg Satterlee, Todd Frank-DNS


Heat 2
East Bay Raceway Park
February 14, 2017

(10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer):

David Breazeale, Kenny PettyJohn, Dennis Erb, Jr., Earl Pearson, Jr., Mason Zeigler, Nick Davis, Tim McCreadie, GR Smith, Dustin Linville, Austin Rettig, Brian Shirley-DNS


Heat 3
East Bay Raceway Park
February 14, 2017

(10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer):

Josh Richards, Austin Hubbard, Steve Francis, Tyler Erb, Ricky Weiss, Brandon Sheppard, Brent Larson, Gordy Gundaker, Stephen Breeding, Shan Smith, Nick Kurtz, Kyle Bronson


Heat 4
East Bay Raceway Park
February 14, 2017

(10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer):

Tim Dohm, Hudson O’Neal, Freddie Carpenter, Frank Heckenast , Jr., Jared Miley, Corey Conley, Doug Drown, John Gardner, Greg Oakes, Pancho Lawler, Chad Hollenbeck


B-Main 1
East Bay Raceway Park
February 14, 2017

(12 Laps, Top 3 Transfer):

Nick Davis, Tim McCreadie, Bob Gardner, GR Smith, Timothy Culp, Gregg Satterlee, Billy Moyer, Jr., Mason Zeigler, Boom Briggs, Brian Ligon, Austin Rettig, Craig Wolford, Dustin Linville, Todd Frank-DNS, Brian Shirley-DNS


B-Main 2
East Bay Raceway Park
February 14, 2017

(12 Laps, Top 3 Transfer):

Ricky Weiss, Brandon Sheppard, Brent Larson, Doug Drown, Gordy Gundaker, Stephen Breeding, John Gardner, Pancho Lawler, Shan Smith, Jared Miley, Corey Conley , Greg Oakes-DNS, Nick Kurtz-DNS, Chad Hollenbeck-DNS, Kyle Bronson-DNS


East Bay Raceway Park
February 14, 2017

Feature Finish: (25 Laps)

1 2 1R Josh Richards Shinnston, WV $5,000
2 4 6T Tim Dohm Cross Lanes, WV $3,000
3 6 11 Austin Hubbard Bridgeville, DE $2,000
4 13 9 Devin Moran Dresden, OH $1,500
5 3 54 David Breazeale Starkville, MS $1,000
6 14 91 Tyler Erb New Waverly, TX $800
7 8 71 Hudson O’Neal Martinsville, IN $750
8 5 27 Michael Lake Uniontown, PA $700
9 18 7w Ricky Weiss Headingley, MB $650
10 11 28E Dennis Erb, Jr. Carpentersville, IL $600
11 15 1 Earl Pearson, Jr. Jacksonville, FL $550
12 22 B1 Brent Larson Lake Elmo, MN $500
13 21 4G Bob Gardner Washington, IL $500
14 23 14c Corey Conley Wellsburg, WV $500
15 26 25Z Mason Zeigler Chalk Hill, PA $500
16 7 38 Kenny PettyJohn Millsboro, DE $500
17 17 92 Nick Davis Millsboro, DE $500
18 10 15 Steve Francis Bowling Green, KY $500
19 12 k0 Freddie Carpenter Parkersburg, WV $500
20 16 99JR Frank Heckenast, Jr. Frankfort, IL $500
21 25 22G Greg Oakes Franklinville, NY $500
22 24 22 Gregg Satterlee Rochester Mills, PA $500
23 1 1J Davey Johnson Greensburg, PA $500
24 9 20 Jimmy Owens Newport, TN $500
25 19 39 Tim McCreadie Watertown, NY $500
26 20 1S Brandon Sheppard New Berlin, IL $500


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